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MOBA Asphalt Paver

Successfully integrating PAVE-IR with Asphalt Paving since 2009

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"Tools like the PAVE-IR produce high quality, long service life road surfaces, for the advantage of the entire road traffic, and thereby for all who participate."

Stephen SebestaTexas Transportation Institute

Research Project from the Nebraska Department of Transportation

Read about PAVE-IR as a part of the Nesbraska Department of Transportation's Research study "Optimizing In-Place Density of Asphalt Pavements During Cold Weather Paving in Nebraska." Download and share the research.

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Pave IR Advancement in Japan - Job-report from Hokkaido island

Welcome to another job story from Japan. The new construction site is a highway located just outside the city on the island of Hokkaido north from Tokyo. The job is a “hot on hot” building site. The contractor combined a small “Hanta” paver with a big Voegele paver. PAVE IR is mounted on the Voegele paver to monitor...

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